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AOEG international exchange programs offer the kids opportunities to experience life in other countries. Dedicated to respecting, valuing, and celebrating cultural differences, the programs create a synergy of the best ideas from many cultures for the benefit of all. The association has established close relations and cooperation with social organizations, research institutes, and kindergartens in various nations and regions. Its services are spreading throughout the world.

In principle, exchange students can take any courses that they wish. In this way, exchange students can take classes among local students and enjoy kindergarten life. In fact, exchange students who joined AOEG programs in the past made friends with many local kids, and through their association with them, improved their proficiency in language while deepening their understanding of culture.

AOEG arranges fun-filled activities to care each child's needs and development, shows full respects of every child’s personality and leads the children to observe the world from their own perspective. Children’s potential talent will be exploited maximally and their eight core capabilities will be developed efficiently.

Global Vision
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