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AOEG integrates advanced ideas for preschool education from Italy, America, United Kingdom, China, Germany and other regions.

Reggio Approach: It is a philosophy theory and practice about working between families and their children. It produced from a very particular historical, cultural, and political context.

Montessori Approach: Montessori emphasis on revealing the children’s true nature through the sense and the development of learning materials.

Waldorf Pedagogy: Its philosophy aims at developing free, morally responsible, and integrated individuals equipped with a high degree of social competence. 

Confucianism: It is an Chinese traditional ethical and philosophical system to educate children to be gentle and perfect man. 

EYFS: It states that children are born ready, able and eager to learn. They actively reach out to interact with other people, and in the world around them. Thus, each unique child has opportunities to interact in  positive relationships and enabling environments.

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