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AOEG is an internship and study abroad provider focusing on programs and placement in the fields of preschool education. Our internships match the interests, academic goals, and passions of each participant to host organizations and researchers.

There are many differences between having an internship in the home country and abroad. One of the main differences is that students are away from their family, friends and the culture they are accustomed to. This can be a great challenge for some of them. Doing an internship out of the comfort zone shows their ability to work under pressure and rise to a challenge. 

Initially they may experience a culture shock, but adapting to the new working culture is what differentiates the students from others. Working abroad gives an opportunity to learn and to adapt to these differences. Once molded to these differences, it is easy to mold again. By living abroad, students have the opportunity and sometimes may be forced to develop their language skills in an environment where everyone speaks one common language.



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